I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone I wish. Just because you have the money doesn't mean. That I will sell to you. I don't do this to make money and get rich. I do it because I love it.


I do ship reptiles. I use Ship Your Reptiles and other shipping methods. If you make a purchase from me. I will gladly use the shipping company of your preference. I do not guarantee shipping below 45 degrees or above 95 degrees. To get a refund you must have video of you opening the box and send it to me within 12 hrs of receiving said animals. If you don't have a video of yourself opening the box. Well your just shit out of luck. I have been taken advantage of too many times and this is the only way that I know to cover my own ass.

When I ship I use insulated boxes and heat and cool packs when needed. I do not charge extra for the boxes or the heat packs or cool packs at the moment. This maybe changing in the future but for no there is no box charge.



My Contact info is as follows

Wes Harvey

27290 Union Hill Rd.

Anderson Al 35610

Email :

Phone: 256 702 2560






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Haitian Boa

The Haitian Boa is a fairly large snake native to the West Indies. While wild-caught specimens are usually moderately aggressive, they can become quite docile with regular handling Unfortunately, it is difficult to feed young captive born Haitian Boas and, as a result, they are not commonly available.

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Dumeril's boas

Dumeril's boas (Boa dumerili, formerly Acrantophis dumerili) are a medium sized boid with an average length of 4-6 feet with rare individuals attaining maximum lengths of 7-9 feet. They are a heavy bodied ground dwelling species and can easily weigh up to 20 pounds.

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Blood Python

Found in South America in southern Colombia east of the Andes, southern Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Amazonian Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago and Bolivia. The type locality given is "America." Relative Size: Average Arboreal 5 TO 6 Foot range and very slender body's

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